©Leigh Aschoff - Woman in Mirror Portrait ©Leigh Aschoff - Portrait of Woman

©Leigh Aschoff - Kanye West: Yeezus ©Leigh Aschoff - Glacier National Park

©Leigh Aschoff - Ojai Mountains 
©Leigh Aschoff - Pregnant Woman at the Ocean


What a fantastic week in the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover! A huge thank you to Leigh Aschoff for such a great week of sharing so much of her creativity with us. How wonderful to see such a great level of diversity. During the week of her takeover, the east coast native who now resides in Santa Barbara shared a smorgasbord of images from her archives. From aerial dancers to Yeezus himself, then to stunning portraits and landscapes along with inspirational messages, Leigh’s creativity and photographs are truly special.  She has an extremely diverse educational and artistic background, and her interests and photographic subjects encompass a wide variety of topics. She’s passionate about beauty and art and brings those elements into everything she creates as both a graphic designer and photographer.

Please make sure to follow her here @leighaschoff and also stop by her website at OMAYARI.ORG

Inspired by the growing trend on Instagram, in January of this year Color Services decided to organize a takeover of our IG stream by our customers and friends. We wanted to spotlight and feature a series of photographers who we’re inspired by AND we feel embrace the meaning behind our tagline – #PhotographYourLove. Because we’re a company that processes and prints photographs, we believe it’s our job to encourage our community to create and share meaningful photos. We hope you’ll follow along @colorservices