Hipstamatic, the popular retro camera app for the iPhone, launched its new Hipstamatic 170 update today featuring a  new photo printing service with fulfillment by Color Services in Santa Barbara, California!

Hipstamatic by SyntheticCorp, currently the top photo applicaton for iPhone, debuted on the Apple app store on December 9, 2009 and soared to more than one million downloads in the past nine months. Highlights of the journey include the addition of an integrated Hipstamatic photography contest (http://community.hipstamatic.com) and the development of two sister applications. To date, Hipstamatic has been updated four times, and today marks the launch of the most dramatic update yet: Hipstamatic 170, featuring Hipstamart.com, an e-commerce website, and the Print Lab, an integrated ability for users to order analog prints of their HipstaPrints—and have them delivered to their door.

Hipstamatic is a retro camera application for iPhone that lets users experience their phone like an analog camera.

Today was an exciting day at Color Services as the first HipstaPrints rolled out of the processor and off to the Post Office!  Photograph your love…Hipstamatic style! You will love the results!