Summer is here and the time is ripe for vacations…and photos! This year, when you’re out snapping memories of ocean vistas or expansive mountain ranges, think panoramic! Panoramic photos are one of the coolest shots you can take, and there was a time when it wasn’t so easy. Back when all cameras were film cameras, creating a panorama meant buying an expensive camera or spending hours in a darkroom. Today, creating panoramic photos is easy and accessible for everyone. Just look to your phone!

Photo by Paul MasonEastern Sierra Mountains - Photo by Gabe Cano

The camera application for most phones, iPhone or Android, includes the choice of a Panoramic format. Otherwise, there are many panoramic apps available to download in the App Store. You take a panorama by moving your phone. Just open your camera app, choose the Pano mode and start shooting! With a bit of practice and the following tips, you’ll be well on the way to snapping your own impressive panoramas…and having tons of fun!

Follow these Top 10 Tips for taking the best Panoramic shots:

  1. Set your capture settings to high. (Android phones)
  2. To take a horizontal panorama, hold your phone vertically. This will give you a wider angle of view up and down.
  3. Start at the left edge of your frame and move to the right. (Rotating left to right is the norm, but most phones let you go either way.)
  4. 02_Yensa-panoramic-DemoSwivel your body, but try not to shuffle your feet.
  5. Move the camera in a smooth, straight, even motion and keep it level.
  6. Don’t go so fast that the shot is blurred…or so slow that you can’t hold the camera steady.
  7. Make several attempts, not just one shot. This way you can choose the best.
  8. Don’t forget vertical panoramas. Hold your camera horizontally for these.
  9. For the best panorama every time, consider investing in a tripod. Many economical models are available.
  10. Print it! Leaving your panoramic photo trapped in your phone will not do it justice. Print it, hang it up, live with it and enjoy it!

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