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Simon Weller recently shared a number of interesting real life stories as a participant in our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. Simon is a native of the United Kingdom who began his professional career as a cover designer for various publishing houses. His passion for photography took hold as he road tripped across the U.S. in an old Cadillac: a trip that ended up laying the foundation for his career in photography.

©Simon Weller - Gobi Desert

Fortunately for everyone that’s been following our Instagram, Simon shared stories of his years on the road in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The picture above is from when he was stuck in a blizzard in the Gobi Desert. He was rescued by a local man who seemed to appear out of nowhere on horseback and then led Simon and his fellow travellers back to safety at the man’s farm. He also described the time he spent in South Africa documenting local barber shops and salons. This project resulted in a book called South African Township Barbershops & Salons.

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