Weddings, children and families…it was all about joy when Michelle Warren shared images of the things she loves on our Instagram. We were so excited to have her participate as a guest photographer on our Color Services Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover!

With Michelle, her capture device could be film or digital. It could be her Holga, her iPhone, or a high-end camera. She’s a self-proclaimed photo geek who believes a great photographer can make a great image with any camera. During her takeover, she treated us to a variety of works. For those of you who have let film fall by the wayside, take note that Michelle finds that the shots she gets on her film cameras are always the true winners. She loves the dreamy quality of film that is beyond compare.


Michelle Warren received her degree in photography from Brooks Institute. She is now a wife and mother besides being a sought-after wedding photographer. Her roles as wife and mother have helped shape her as a photographer…to treasure precious memories caught on camera and to understand the important moments on a wedding day. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing so many gems with us!

The Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover is such a source of inspiration! Each week the owners of Color Services invite a talented photographer from their client base to take over the company’s Instagram feed and fill it with their own work. Besides making prints and photo gifts and processing film, this is one more way that Color Services Photo Lab promotes fine photography…because living with photos makes life better!