Dreamy. That was my first thought when looking over Jessica Dalene’s photos. She took over our Instagram for a week in the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover and treated us to a spirited collection of work where the art of living is always the focal point. Her beautiful style that is easy and free was such a joy to view. No doubt it takes a lot of hard work to get a look so easy, but judging from the results, it’s well worth the effort! Jessica captures such beautiful moments in the great out-of-doors….be sure to take a look!


Georgica Jetty, East Hampton Swimming in a tide pool at Maui's Red Sand Beach.Woman playing harp on beachThe Friday vibes are strong.


Our client and friend, Jessica Dalene, was born and raised in East Hampton, New York and currently resides in Santa Barbara, California. You can follow her @frankenjess and visit her website at jessicadalene.com to see a wonderful portfolio of her work that includes people, places, pets, fitness, weddings and architecture.


man on horsebackgeorgica beachlive the life you love


Jessica has joined the talented group of clients who have generously shared their time and talent to give others a source of creative inspiration through the Color Services IG feed. Every week you can count on seeing a new guest photographer at the helm in our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover and every day you can count on seeing a new post. To see such heartfelt contributions day-to-day is truly amazing. As a company that thrives on photography by producing creative photo products, we see it as part of our mission to spread the love. Follow us @colorservices.