Photo by David Powdrell - Giraffe

David Powdrell is captivated by the magic of life…and he captures much of that magic when he picks up his camera. We loved the brilliant colors, the vitality and the fullness of life in the photos he chose to share as the guest photographer in our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover!


His images included an interesting mix of chalk artists, colorful parade participants, African animals and ocean beauty. You just know David Powdrell has a lot of heart when his favorite week of the year happens when he photographs children in wheelchairs at the UCSB Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp. He shared a priceless shot from that event.

David Powdrell is an amazing photographer whose positive spirit comes through in his work. Thank you, David, for your wonderful week. Be sure to follow him @ddpowdrell and visit his website at

We’re so proud of our takeover photographers and the incredible work they post on our Instagram feed every day. Each week you’ll meet someone new. The goal of this effort is to proliferate a love of photography and to inspire the photographer that is in all of us. Thanks to our great friends and clients, the mission is being accomplished beyond our wildest dreams!

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The ever-elusive alpha male Kudu. Photo by David Powdrell
Rincon at Sunset - Photo by David Powdrell
Bulldog with GoPro. Photo by David Powdrell
Surfer. Photo by David Powdrell
I Madonnari artist
Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp at UCSB - Photo by David Powdrell