©Brian Hodges  ©Brian Hodges

©Brian Hodges

Everyone here at Color Services was so thrilled to have Brian Hodges participate in our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. We’re all big fans of his work and when he took control of our Instagram, he shared many of his incredible travel images. Brian is a Santa Barbara-based travel and editorial photographer known for capturing authentic moments — and images with a powerful connection to place. Brian, a long time Color Services client and friend, has traveled to more than 60 countries, creating captivating images with lasting emotional impact. His award-winning work is recognized in leading publications including National Geographic Traveler, Photo District News and GEO Magazine, among others.

Please be sure to check out his website http://brianhodgesphoto.com and also follow Brian here on Instagram @brian_hodges

We’ve been inviting some of our customers and friends to participate in this takeover project as a means to spotlight some of the amazing photographers we’re so fortunate to work with. You can keep current on all that’s happening in our takeover project by following along @colorservices