We kicked off Week #97 of the Photograph your Love® Instagram takeover with photographer Bill Schoneberger. Bill’s first camera, a Nikkormat FT, was a high school graduation present. Eventually, when he switched from film to digital cameras, his fascination only deepened for the infinite possibilities that light, subject and camera offer.

Several years ago, Bill embarked on a 365 project where he assigned himself the task of taking a good photo every day for 365 straight days using only a Fujifilm X100s. He shared some of his favorite photos from that project along with others during his takeover week. Bill’s photographic tastes are eclectic so he posted a little of everything for a great variety. From color to black and white, portraits, still life, nature and travel, we got it all! Thank you, Bill, for an awesome takeover week. You can follow him on Instagram @clearcon.

Bill Schoneberger is the owner of Clear Concepts, based in Santa Barbara, which specializes in affordable graphic design and photography projects for small businesses on the Central Coast. Visit his website at clearcon.biz.

Bill’s week on the Photograph your Love® Instagram takeover was another amazing example of the work our clients produce. As a photo lab that processes and prints photos, we love to keep the inspiration flowing. Follow us @colorservices where you’ll find a different guest photographer posting on our account each week!