Photo Andrew by Meghan Schoneberger Photo of Henri & Claire of White Rock Vineyards

Jeff Matson photo by Andrew Schoneberger Photo of Meghan Schoneberger by Andrew Schoneberger

Cody from Willema Hat Company by Andrew Schoneberger

We just had the pleasure of having our customer Andrew Schoneberger take over our Instagram account for an entire week. Andrew is a California native whose in-the-moment perspective makes you feel as if you’re looking through the lens with him – sharing the emotion he puts into his work. You can clearly see the warm, thoughtful and very loving person he is through his engaging portraits of craftsmen and his own family. Upon looking through his photos I picked up on an underlying message from a person communicating his high regard for nature, family and tradition. He went on to tell us the stories of his subjects in a manner that I found to be quite beautiful and touching. Andrew’s photos are wonderful examples of what it means to photograph your love.

When he’s not making pictures or shooting video, you can find Andrew in the ocean, brewing a batch of beer, or on a hike with his beautiful wife Meghan, his daughter Sadie and his dog Rocket. We can’t thank him enough for sharing his work with us. Please make sure to follow him @backyardstudio and drop by his website

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