When Sashi Moorman was our guest photographer on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover, he wholeheartedly embraced our invitation. Sashi provided gems of photographs along with lots of valuable information that any photographer will appreciate. It was clear that Sashi truly loves his cameras. He generously shares tips about his equipment which makes his captions very helpful to read. His week was a journey from film to digital with many stunning black & white images and a sprinkling of color work as well. His photos take family snaps to an elevated level of beauty that make his personal collection worthy of a coffee table book. Take a look and enjoy for yourself and also visit his own Instagram account @sashimoorman to see more of his work.


It’s not only with photography that Sashi Moorman achieves excellence. He is a trained chef who makes his living as a winemaker, working with The Ojai Vineyard, Stolpman Vineyards and Sandhi Wines. He and his wife also own and operate Piedrasassi, a winery and bakery in Lompoc, California. Here they produce small amounts of syrah from distinctive vineyards on the Central Coast and brick oven baked traditional breads. We thank our longtime customer, Sashi Moorman, for sharing his talent on our Instagram feed!


The Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover features a different photographer from our client-base each week. So many incredible images have been posted on our feed. As a photo lab, we see it as part of our company’s mission to encourage the joy of photography. We hope you will join us!

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