When Robb Klassen took over our Instagram feed and shared a very personal story featuring his brother, Scott, we were the lucky ones. In the year or so that the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover has been rolling, Robb’s week is the one I’m going to remember. I’ve gone back to view it more than once, and can never make it through without welling up with emotion. This saga of two brothers, equally blessed to have each other, is brimming with love. It deserves to be on everyone’s look list. For ease of viewing, we decided to post all of the photos from Robb’s takeover week. Make sure to click on each of the photos to read his captions.


Here’s a bit more about photographer Robb Klassen who posted his beautiful images and story on the takeover. Robb is a freelance photographer based out of southern California specializing in advertising and documentary photography. Having attended Brooks Institute of Photography in 2011, he has since completed numerous documentary projects, completed product advertising campaigns for companies such as UGG Australia and Revelry Supply, and continues to develop a portfolio of portraiture highlighting the normalcy and intricacy of people’s daily lives.


Thank you, Robb, for sharing your eloquence and imagery. All the best to you and Scott! Follow Robb on IG @robbklassen and see more of his personal work at robbklassen.com.

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