Our friend Nic Samayoa was the featured photographer on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover for a great week! Nic is a former co-worker here at Color Services and a Brooks Institute graduate. He now works as a portrait and lifestyle photographer.

For his week on the takeover, Nic went through his last year of images to choose some highlights to share. I love the youthful spirit and sense of adventure that his images portray. Nic shoots mostly on film, and his talent shines through in his work. I miss having Nic around the lab, so it was nice to see what he’s been up to and reconnect with him in this way. Nic’s work is beautifully captured, and we thank him for showing us some shots that he loves!

As a business that processes film and prints images on most anything you can imagine, we make it part of our mission to provide inspiration for photography. We feel that viewing the work of others is a great catalyst for your own creativity. Follow us @colorservices where a different photographer takes over our Instagram feed each week!

To see more work by Nic Samayoa, follow him @nic_samayoa and visit his website at www.nicsamayoa.com.