When Makenzie Goodman joined us on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover, we were treated to work from her fascinating thesis project, “A Far Empty Place.” Her photos represent an exploration of nostalgia vs. wanderlust and a search for home in the unfamiliar. I especially enjoyed her perspectives of “place” as a twentysomething young woman transplanting herself from Pennsylvania to California…because I did the same thing years ago.

Makenzie was born in rural western Pennsylvania. She received her B.S. from the University of Delaware and an MFA from Brooks Institute in Southern California.She exclusively shoots medium and large format film and we love her work. I’m sure you will, too. Be sure to take a look at life, and the longing to be where you are not, through the eyes of this talented and introspective photographer. We loved the work she posted and her unique point of view. To see more photos by Makenzie, follow her on IG @makenzelyn.

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