For Week #98 of the Photograph your Love® Instagram Takeover, we were pleased to introduce you to photographer Luca Trovato. Luca has worked in Paris and Milan shooting celebrity portraits, homes, and fashion assignments for a number of print publications. Moving to New York, his work appeared in a variety of well-known magazines such as Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Bon Appetite, Cosmopolitan and more. As the 2016 U.S. presidential election approached, Luca worked on a story for the Italian newspaper, Turin La Stampa. During his takeover week, he featured photographs from this project.

Luca did a great job sharing images of political rallies, gatherings and parades during our election season. Captured entirely in black and white, this collection of photos is a departure from Luca’s normal fashion, editorial and portrait work, but it proves that he is skilled in many realms. It was a very interesting week! Be sure to visit our feed @colorservices and check it out.

Luca Trovato is a graduate of the Brooks Institute. To see more work by this talented photographer or to contact him, visit his website at and follow him on IG @lucatrovato61. Thank you, Luca, for a great takeover week!

Each week the Color Services Instagram feed features the work of clients that we feel are particularly inspirational. You can count on finding something there to catch your eye and boost your own photo creativity. I hope you will follow along with us @colorservices!