In the past year or so of Instagram takeovers, we’ve seen a great variety of work, but rarely have we seen photos as compelling as Week #95 with those shared by Kyle Terboss. He gave us a look at a life which few of us will ever see, along with stories and a peek at our US penal system.

For the year prior to his takeover, Kyle had immersed himself in New Mexico’s most infamous prisons while producing the television series “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” for the A&E network. For his takeover, he shared images that gave a rarely-viewed perspective on incarceration, including photos from a documentary focusing on incarcerated females.

Kyle’s photos of life behind bars and the backstories of his subjects were very poignant. It was equally moving to gain an appreciation of the unsung heroes—the officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect the American public. Kyle’s takeover images are unlike anything we’ve shared thus far, so make a point to check out the work of this extremely talented photographer.

Kyle Terboss is a New York City based television producer and documentary photographer. His career in television has given him unique access to uncommon stories and locations throughout the country. It was very special to have him with us on the takeover because he’s an old friend of @colorservices: He worked at Color Services years ago when it was “Specialty Photo”, Santa Barbara’s black and white photo lab. He and Gabe (co-owner of Color Services) were also classmates when both attended Brooks Institute of Photography.

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