Photo by Kim Haggin Rossi - Photograph Your Love Instagram Takeover

It was a vintage sign bonanza when Kim Haggin Rossi took the helm of the Color Services Instagram feed for Week #103 of the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover! Kim fell in love with vintage neon signs in her 20’s and has been shooting signs ever since. During her week, she shared photos of her favorites…with a different theme each day. From liquor stores, bowling alleys, gas stations and restaurants to motels and mobil parks, we saw it all. Most were commercial neon signs but there was also a sampling of simple handmade signs. Kim’s images brim with nostalgia and pure fun. Her composition captured each sign beautifully. I really enjoyed her week so be sure to check it out!

Besides being a sign fanatic, Kim Rossi is a photographer and graphic designer who grew up in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. She’s an aspiring writer and mom to two teenage girls who holds a BFA from the University of Arizona with a major in Graphic Design. We really enjoyed having Kim on board for a takeover week! You can follow her on IG @khrossi and visit her website at

Kim’s week as our guest photographer was a great example of the variety of work that fills our Instagram feed via the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover. It’s a constant flow of imagery that comes from the heart. We appreciate the efforts of our participants so much. Thank you, Kim! Each week a different customer takes over our IG account and posts their work. Please join us…@colorservices!