#California is my favorite. And Big Sur is one of the reasons why. The kind of beautiful that makes you say, "unreal," when it is so much MORE real than the majority of everything else we typically train our perception on.

If you take a look at Kiel Rucker’s wedding photography website, you’ll see that he knows how to photograph love. But when he joined us for the Photograph Your Love ® Instagram takeover for a week, he shared a different type of imagery. He focused on the Earth and its abundance of beauty rather than people. He gave us a collection of shots that occurred “on a whim” and it was fun to see what each day would bring. From facial formations in rocks to blazing sunsets, it was a beautiful mix. We were so impressed with his photographs of our local mountains and beaches to more far away places. Kiel showed us the sky, the ocean and some amazing peaks and desert vistas. His gave us a combination of color photos and black and whites and we loved every image. Thank you, Kiel, for an awesome takeover!

In case you’re new to the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover, here’s what it’s all about. Color Services is a company that processes and prints photographs. We live and breathe photos and we feel it’s part of our mission to foster that love in others. To provide fresh inspiration from different perspectives, we invite a different photographer to take over our feed each week and post their own work. We’ve collected such an incredible body of images! Browse a bit, follow us @colorservices and check back daily!


To see more work from the talented Kiel Rucker, follow him on IG @onekielphoto and if you’re in the market for some amazing wedding photography, visit his website at www.kielrucker.com.

Teton Fauna. Photo by Kiel Rucker
Capitol Reef. Utah - Photo by Kiel Rucker
This is from a series called Six States that I shot during a road trip to Boulder a few years back.
Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Kiel Rucker
clouds. photo by kiel rucker
Mount Whitney, California. Photo by Kiel Rucker