Wave - ©Keaton Zachary HudsonOregon Dunes ©Keaton Zachary Hudson ©Keaton Zachary Hudson Oregon Hills ©Keaton Zachary Hudson Wave - ©Keaton Zachary Hudson Oregon Hills - ©Keaton Zachary Hudson

I’m constantly amazed by the quality of work that our guest photographers post on the Color Services Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover and Keaton Zachary Hudson’s week is another prime example. I’m still reeling from his sunset shot at Rincon, but he shared so many other magic moments. Take a look and join him in his journeys from the California surf to Oregon and, further still, to Turkey and Nepal. You will be treated to beautiful landscapes and portraiture in Keaton’s style. I loved learning about his quest to shoot the ocean from fresh perspectives and seeing his success. Keaton provides generous captions with interesting backstories to his photos. Knowing more about who he his, and what he experienced to get a shot, adds even more dimension to his work. Our goal for @colorservices is to share talent and give inspiration. Keaton Hudson’s photography does that in a most remarkable way!

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~ Linda