Kayla Pence took us to stunning heights in Yosemite National Park plus many other favorite California locations during her week as our featured photographer on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. Kayla is part of the team here at Color Services, so I have heard about many of her weekend adventures, but to see her travels translated into beautiful landscapes was an exciting treat!

Besides Yosemite, Kayla shared beautiful photos from Jalama Beach, the ghost town at Bodie State Park, Mono Lake and Big Sur. She posted images from a photo workshop at Lake Powell on the Arizona-Utah border. Also, be sure to check out her unique “kpinstaseries”. This is a collection of very cool phone photos taken from her car with a slow shutter app.

Kayla loves the outdoors and our natural wonders. Her love of nature and her talent as a photographer shine brightly through her outdoor photography. Browsing her work will give you some great ideas for places you may want to visit yourself for hiking and picture-taking. It’s not only photos that Kayla shared during her week on the takeover. You’ll love the interesting backstories in her captions. Thanks for a great week, Kayla!

Kayla Pence was born and raised in California along the central coast. Her interest in photography began in high school when she took her first black and white film class. After receiving her AA in Liberal Arts, Kayla decided to pursue a photography degree at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA where she received her BFA in Professional Photography in 2013.

To see more work by Kayla Pence, visit her website at kaylapence.com. Follow her on IG @kaylapence_.

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