For week #99 of the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover, we were so pleased to have Jesse Groves with us. Jesse is a long time client and friend of Color Services. Among his accomplishments, he holds a BA in Visual Journalism and an MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute. He is a curator who has mounted over 100 exhibitions and now works as a photographic instructor at Ventura College. He also contributes to a number of Southern California publications.

During his takeover week, Jesse shared images from ongoing projects: some work exhibited and published, other work new and in progress. He gave us a great number and a great variety of images, showcasing his many interesting projects. From his series of instant film images to a beautiful group of photos taken at the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, it was a great week! Thank you, Jesse! To see more of his work, follow Jesse on Instagram @jgroves and visit his website at

Each week is such a treat on the Color Services Instagram feed when a different photographer takes over and posts their own work. The images you’ll see are the best of the best. It’s part of our mission as a company that processes and prints photos to share inspiration…and we hope you’ll join us @colorservices!