When a fire destroyed her home and photos in 2008, Janet Reid was sparked to make art. She was left with only 7 photos of her family and herself as a child, and she honored those photos by making them into mixed media art pieces. After that, she kept going. She combined her love of photography and technology to create breathtaking digital art from pieces collected at vintage stores, estate sales and online.

We were so pleased when Janet participated in Week #94 of our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. Her images of photography, collage, painting and digital art are truly unique. During her takeover, she shared a series of composites that really highlight her individual style. All of Janet’s photos are taken with her iPhone and then edited on her iPad. She uses a multitude of editing apps to arrive at her final piece. Janet’s takeover was especially informative because, in addition to her great imagery, she shared the various apps she used for editing each piece. Be sure to check out her wonderful stream of images. Her work is so beautiful!

Artist Janet Reid’s story is a perfect example of turning a negative life experience into a positive outcome. We thank Janet for her great week! Follow her on Instagram @jreid1031, visit her website at janetreidart.com and visit her Etsy shop at studiomiradero.etsy.com.

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