Photographer Ian Fuenzalida gave us a great week when he took the helm of our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover!  At 10 years old, he picked up his father’s Canon AE-1 and never put it down. As a film photographer, Ian had been shooting 35mm and medium format film for the year prior to his time on the takeover. He also had recently started delving into large format film with an 8x10 field camera.

Ian Fuenzalida is primarily a landscape photographer. He is based on the edge of Tahoe National Forest in California’s historic gold country. During his takeover, Ian shared a mix of landscapes, documentary street photography, portraiture and skateboarding —- the things he loves. He started out with a photo of his beautiful niece, Micah, and her touching story which changed his life.

Ian take pictures to show people things that they would not otherwise be able to see, and by participating in our IG takeover, he reached so many viewers with his work. I did see many things I wouldn’t otherwise have ever seen, so thank you, Ian! Be sure to check it out and see for yourself. You’ll discover a very interesting set of photos from this talented film enthusiast.
Color Services hosts the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover as a way to inspire photography. Since we’re a lab that processes film and prints images, we feel that inspiration is part of our mission. By seeing work from the perspective of different talented photographers, your own creativity is nourished. Every week you’ll find someone new posting and I hope you’ll follow along. Ian’s week was particularly inspiring because he told us how he took the adversity of having $10,000 worth of photo equipment stolen —- along with years of images —- and turned it into a positive.

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