For week #96 of our Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover, Forest Dempsey took the helm. Forest was probably our youngest contributor when he took over our Instagram feed for a week and he showed us not to be fooled by his age. He demonstrated his great eye in the images he shared and he also showed us that he’s someone to watch. Forest posted photos from a trip to Yellowstone, my favorite National Park, plus other travels. His love of the outdoors is certainly reflected in his thoughtfully composed images. This talented young man shared a beautiful series of dreamy, cloudy images that were steeped in mystery. Forest shows a lot of promise and we’re anxious to watch his career grow! To see more of his work, follow him on Instagram @forestdempsey_.

Showcasing promising young talent is an exciting part of the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover. As providers of photographic services, Color Services strives to nurture photography in our community. Each week you can see the work of a different photographer on our Instagram feed. We hope you’ll make it your inspiration destination…and follow us @colorservices!