Don Brubaker - dead fish Salton Sea

Our customer Don Brubaker shared captivating images from trips to the Salton Sea and Big Sur when he participated in our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. He had spent a large portion of the previous year seeking solitude in places familiar and new…and it is second nature for him to have his camera in tow. We loved what he selected to share! His images vary from lush to barren, ancient to modern, and breathtaking to dilapidated. Just as Big Sur and the Salton Sea are miles apart in location, they are just as far apart in aesthetic, so it was an interesting mix. I especially loved his parting comment…encouraging us all to persevere in the pursuit of beauty. Whether we prefer to get out or stay in, we can continue to create. It’s all part of the adventure of life!


Don Brubaker - West Shores Salton Sea
Don Brubaker - Salton Sea
Don Brubaker - Salvation Mountain
Don Brubaker - Salton Sea
Don Brubaker - Couch - Salton Sea

Be sure to take a look at Don Brubaker’s Instagram takeover. If you’re one who likes to stay in, you’ll see some new sights. If you’ve been to Big Sur and the Salton Sea, you’ll see his unique perspective. We process a lot of film for Don at Color Services and if you look at his work, you’ll see many fine examples of the magic of film!

If you’re new to the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover, we see it as part of our effort as a photo lab to inspire creativity through photography. The takeover is our way to promote this inspiration! Each week you’ll find a different one of our clients at the helm of our Instagram account, sharing images that they’ve thoughtfully captured and chosen. Please join us for the ride @colorservices.

To see more work by Don Brubaker, be sure to follow him @donbrubaker and also on Tumblr.

Don Brubaker - lawn chairs facing ocean