The Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover was fortunate to have David Mendoza as the guest photographer for a week of sharing his work. We were excited to see what this relatively new customer would share and it was definitely a treat. When I saw familiar sights both here and in Seattle captured a la David, it was obvious that he has a gifted eye and aesthetic. And what treasures he has created for newlyweds with his unique engagement shots! I’d recommend him in a minute. Sprinkled throughout his mix of personal and professional photos were some beautiful portraits with his awesome style. He also throws some whimsy into his work for good measure!

The Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover had been rolling for nearly 1 1/2 years when David Mendoza took the helm and joined the ranks of the many talented photographers who have graciously commited to share their images daily for a week on the Color Services feed. The takeover has exposed us to countless carefully-selected works. With every new post, we are reminded of the immense power of photography. It’s the mission of our lab to make life more meaningful through this power…and the takeover, besides our printing and processing services, is how we proliferate this power. Photograph your love®!

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