When my son finished college last year, the idea of a gilded and embossed graduation announcement was simply not the right fit. This was a modern, casual kind of guy who had just finished backpacking around Europe after a year of study abroad. He had tons of pictures from his travels, and the “FourStyle” photo graduation card at Color Services was perfect. The color was earthy brown. It was no-frills, trendy, and a nice way to showcase John. The card gave our loved ones a sampling of his experiences with four photos, and since this was a 2-sided card, I listed all of the cities he visited in Europe on the back, along with a comment about his future plans. Here it is!

Color Services "FourStyle" Graduation Announcement

This year, the website at Color Services is new, so the entire cardmaking experience is better than ever. The 2012 Graduation Card and Announcement Collection has been expanded to include some great new options, and I’ve seen some beautiful cards coming out of the printer for this year’s grads. The graduation card designs are so customizeable that they can be used for grads of any grade level — from kindergarten through elementary school, middle school, high school, college and graduate school. It’s fun to create a special card that reflects your personality. Take a look at the fresh selection of photo graduation announcements at Color Services and imagine the possibilities!