Chuck Graham is a true outdoorsman and, as such, he is willing to go to great lengths seeking those special shots. After he spent a week on board at the helm of our Instagram account, it was clear that he has frequently found success. I’ve enjoyed Chuck as a customer over the counter, but usually the fruits of his labor are tucked inside a film bag. It was very special to see his beautiful work and his passion for nature. Many of his images were taken right here in California, giving me a fresh appreciation for the place I call home. Other stunners were from his travels.

Chuck has captured beautiful images of wildlife that blew my mind. I’d rather it was him instead of me standing a breath away from a gorilla in the Congo, but now we’re the lucky ones who get to enjoy these spectacular shots from the comfort of home. Chuck usually shares the lens he used and interesting backstories to his shots, so his IG week is a good read, too. I highly recommend that you check it out @colorservices.

Chuck Graham is a freelance writer and photographer in Carpinteria, California. He’s also been a beach lifeguard for over 20 years; he leads kayak tours and backpacking trips at the Channel Islands National Park; and he’s the editor of DEEP Surf Magazine. His stories and photos have appeared in more than 25 publications including Backpacker, Trail Runner, Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug and the Surfer’s Journal.

I hope that Chuck’s week on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover will encourage you to pack up your camera and experience what the great outdoors has to offer. Each week, Color Services features a different photographer sharing their best. We hope you’ll follow along @colorservices and enjoy!

To see more work by the talented Chuck Graham, follow him on IG @chuckgrahamphoto and visit his website at