Week #100 of the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover was a special milestone for the takeover and we were excited to have another long-time friend and customer of Color Services on board — Chris Buckpitt. Chris is a graduate of the Brooks Institute who went on to manage various campuses for the school and serve as a huge support to that student body. He is now working as the Director of Facilities at the Music Academy of the West.

Chris got an early start in photography when his mother enrolled him in a summer class. That class ignited a spark of interest which ultimately propelled him to embark on a career of fine art and portraiture photography — which continues to this day.

During his takeover week, Chris shared a captivating mix of provocative and interesting photos which display his love of portraiture. Most of his images were black and white, but you’ll find some color as well. Take a look and you’ll discover the magic of Chris’ work. It exhibits more beauty with every glance. We thank Chris again for his great takeover week! To see more work by Chris Buckpitt, follow him on Instagram @photopitt and visit his website at chrisbuckpittphoto.com.

I hope that the first 100 weeks of photos that have gone out from our account @colorservices have given bountiful inspiration to many. The Photograph Your Love® IG takeover is our company’s way of encouraging photography. May it propel many to push their own limits of creativity. Follow along with us @colorservices where a different photographer takes the helm each week!