The beautiful work of Carly Otness stunned us on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover when she was our guest photographer. Her energetic nature and spirit of wanderlust results in captivating images from places far and wide. Carly is not limited to a specific genre and loves shooting everything. And we love the results!

Carly Otness was trained in photography at Brooks Institute. She has lived coast-to-coast, from a farm in California to New York City. The diverse work she chose to share with us on the IG takeover included high fashion from New York Fashion Week, boxers in Cambodia and unique celebrity portraiture that will take your breath away. Her work is an amazing must-see.

When work like Carly’s is shared on our IG takeover, it’s a joy to view, but it’s more than that. It serves as inspiration. That’s what Color Services hopes to achieve with this effort. As a lab that process and prints images, we want to encourage everyone to take photos…and live with their photos!

Please visit Carly Otness on her website at and on Instagram @carlyotnessphoto.

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