We were so excited to have photographer Brigid Lally on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover! Brigid loves to surf and she loves photography…so both of her loves came together in the work she shared.

Brigid is an east coast transplant who now lives in Ventura, CA. In a world of male-dominant surf photographers, she stands out not only because she’s a female … but because of her highly-stylized images. The images she captures are awesome.

Brigid enjoys shooting film and she shoots with an old Nikonos, a 35mm underwater camera introduced by Nikon in 1963. She loves the way film keeps the mystery of photography intact. In her words, “There is no instant gratification. There is a large margin for error…but there is also an opening…an invitation for beautiful accidents. You have no idea if you got “the shot”. It’s a leap of faith. And it’s invigorating.” Be sure to take a look. Her efforts have been rewarded with many unique and beautiful shots. You’re guaranteed to love what you see!

Brigid Lally was born and raised in New York City. She graduated from Pitzer College majoring in Media Studies and from Brooks Institute with a degree in Commercial Photography. To see more of Brigid’s work, follow her on IG @saltairian and visit her website at brigidlallyphotography.com.

Each week Color Services features a different photographer on the takeover. We see it as part of our mission as a company that processes and prints photos to provide inspiration. Instagram has been the perfect platform…and I hope you will follow along with us @colorservices!