Angelina Dorogi was our featured photographer for the 84th week of our Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover. We were so excited for you to meet her! Angelina is a long-time friend, client and employee of @colorservices who worked at our front counter for a number of years and now works with us remotely. She is also an extremely talented photographer. I had the great joy of seeing her photos on a regular basis as she worked on her masters degree from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. Her work is absolutely stunning!

Angelina is a fashion and dance photographer, now based in Las Vegas, whose professional work takes her around the globe. Her great attention to detail and her eye for fashion result in some of the most beautifully composed photographs you will ever see. For her takeover, Angelina shared samples of her fashion and dance photography from her home in Las Vegas and also from her favorite city of Paris. Take a look and see how she captures movement in her dance images that showcases the talent of the dancers. Her high fashion images, beautifully lit and carefully composed, will take your breath away. Thank you, Angelina, for your  amazing takeover week! Follow Angelina Dorogi on Instagram @studiojoliephoto and visit her website at

I know you’ll find Angelina’s week on the takeover inspiring…and that’s what it’s all about. Each week we host a different guest photographer who takes over our feed and shares what they love. Every day you will be gifted with a new photo, and every one is guaranteed to be a treat! Follow us @colorservices.