Looking at the week Abe Ramirez spent as the guest photographer on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover literally had me on the edge of my seat! I was blown away by the adventures of this Southern Californian riding a bicycle through Latin America.

You will read exciting stories about his ascent of the Andes using nothing but pedal power and enduring the elements—but all the while appreciating the sights along the way. Abe’s efforts were rewarded with amazing photos as well as the incredible sense of accomplishment he must feel. His memories, with help from his beautiful photographs, will no doubt last a lifetime. Congrats to Abe for making the trek and thanks for sharing your journey with us! Be sure to check it out. You will be blown away, too!

We can’t say enough great things about Abe and his awesome takeover. Incredible stories and images alike. Follow him @abe_ramirez_ to see more of his work. His takeover demonstrated that he loves adventure… and his free spirit is very inspirational! Each week on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram Takeover, Color Services features a different talented photographer showing us what they love. Every day you can count on something new to see. We hope you’ll follow along with us @colorservices!