For a great collection of street and lifestyle photography captured on film, you’ll want to check out Aaron Panchal’s week as the featured photographer on the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover! We love that Aaron shoots exclusively on film. In one of his captions, he tells us, “As much as I can appreciate the world with my own two eyes, looking at things through a normal lens can make things look new and rendered with a different beauty.” He captures that beauty so well as you will see!

Aaron took us on a journey around the globe including New York, London, Chicago and back home to Santa Barbara. His love of travel is obvious in his photography—and that is infectious. He captures the hustle, bustle and excitement so well. Aaron shares great stories along with his photos, giving them even more dimension. He also provides tips about his film and gear which is so helpful to others. His widelux images are awesome!

There is a delightful mix of images just waiting for you to see from Aaron Panchal’s week. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his travels…through his lens. He also posted a number of personal portraits of people who are important in his life, mainly in beautiful black and white. Thank you so much, Aaron, for a great week!


We coordinate the Photograph Your Love® Instagram takeover with our amazing customers as a way to inspire photography. Each week you’ll discover someone new at the helm. Since Color Services is a lab that processes and prints photos, they are our world. After seeing Aaron’s work, maybe you’ll be inspired to get out your film cameras and see what beauties you can create!

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